Gran Cine Producciones was established in 2006 by the founders of Olympusat, Inc.
( Gran Cine Producciones is the premier international content provider and distributor of Spanish-language films offering culturally-relevant content developed by a group of leading Latin American producers.

Gran Cine Producciones has fast become a top producer, co-producer and distributor of Latin movies. Gran Cine Producciones has aligned with independent producers internationally and in the U.S. to bring fresh movie productions to market a unique position in today's Spanish-language film market.

The key mission of Gran Cine Producciones is to increase the diversity of movies within genres by creating Latin movies with artistic appeal, with the goal of providing culturally-relevant themes for Latinos living in the U.S. as well as Hispanic-American cultural perspectives for Latin Americans internationally.


Gran Cine Producciones currently provides both original and acquired content to the top 25 Hispanic markets (the majority of the top 100 cable systems, satellite operators, Dish Network and DirecTV), as well as theatrical releases and DVD retail markets, targeting a wide variety of Latino market segments.


Gran Cine Producciones produces the top Latin programming in the industry, which includes a large percentage of originally-produced content. This includes:
. U.S. premieres & original productions sold in the U.S. and internationally

. Leading entertainment from a variety of Latin American countries

. Cultural-relevant, in-language Spanish movies

With a diverse mix of available productions, there is something for every member of the family.  Distributors can reach:

. The highly acculturated or newly immigrated in the U.S.

. Multi-generational audiences, both in the U.S. and internationally

. Diverse ancestries within the Latin community